Useful Resources

If you want to stay up-to-date on everything related to our content and other invaluable content, please do not hesitate to consult these websites. They’ll provide you with both local and international information about environmental issues, sustainable ideas, how to take advantage of local food sources, and more. 

Renovables Verdes (Green Renewables)

Featured image Useful Resources Renovables Verdes Green Renewables - Useful Resources

A website that offers you the information in an entertaining way to publicize everything related to sustainable food and how to take care of the environment for a greener world.

Mirador Salud (Health Viewpoint)

Featured image Useful Resources Mirador Salud Health Viewpoint - Useful Resources

Here you can view valuable information related to food production under the focus of maximum planetary conservation, as well as other content of interest.


Featured image Useful Resources Inhabitat - Useful Resources

This green lifestyle-focused website is devoted to sharing news, tips, and ideas on how to help the environment from the core.

Zero Waste Home

Featured image Useful Resources Zero Waste Home - Useful Resources

This helpful website will become your go-to resource when looking for sustainable products, zero-waste businesses to go to buy in bulk, and even sustainable-oriented events.

Earth 911

Featured image Useful Resources Earth 911 - Useful Resources

This site is a mix of the forum and a blog, allowing readers to access useful information and share their opinion on sustainability and environmental-friendly topics. Learn new tips and updates of the latest topics on sustainability and interact with members of the community.

Eco Friend

Featured image Useful Resources Eco Friend - Useful Resources

This site is filled with forums where people can share their own experience going eco-friendly. Learn to improve your life through sustainable food practices and find out about new tech and gadgets in the industry.

Recycle Coach

Featured image Useful Resources Recycle Coach - Useful Resources

Learn to recycle everything by following the tips provided in this blog. Discover how to make it possible, starting at home.

Science Daily

Featured image Useful Resources Science Daily - Useful Resources

This website covers a wide array of information, where it’s possible to find science-based information on cleantech, the planets, energy-oriented articles, and more.


Featured image Useful Resources Grist - Useful Resources

The website is filled with news about environmental justice, climate issues, science-based ideas on sustainability, and more. The site shares trustworthy information every day.

Planet Policy

Featured image Useful Resources Planet Policy - Useful Resources

This website offers free resources about energy, climate-related issues, pollution, and how to use natural resources in a better way.

Environmental Health News

Featured image Useful Resources Environmental Health News - Useful Resources

This non-profit is devoted to sharing science-based sustainability and all the problems happening all over the world in regard to the environment and climate change.


Featured image Useful Resources Wired - Useful Resources

Known by many al over the globe, Wired is a great resource to find anything when it comes to culture, sustainability, cleantech, and even green businesses.