About Us

We are a vegan couple made up of Melissa Morris and Tony S. Pino. I am an empowered businesswoman who sees sustainable nutrition as a win-win business while my husband is a surface assembler and a man of enormous ecological awareness.

We are devoted to improving the world and its inhabitants in terms of environment and lifestyle. Thanks to Tony’s keen vision capable of making his knowledge of sustainable nutrition available to the world, we have a deep desire to transform the life and health of many.

The idea of Many Feathers came to be because of the need to massify the scope of knowledge taught at the community level by us. Using the resource maximization scheme, we realized a digital platform would allow us to interact with a larger population in the same time unit.

As time passed, new members joined us to transform lives and provide communities with the tools to improve their lifestyles through sustainable eating practices. Today we are more than 500 people who make up this family and contribute the resources at their disposal to achieve the objective. 

Our Approach

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We are focused on providing adequate information regarding environmental sustainability. This is faced with various world problems and one of them is the commitment to renewable energy that receives so much support in this blog.

It is for this that the first objective that such sustainability has to achieve (and I am referring to the general, not just the environmental) is to create global awareness of the situation.

Our Goals for the Future

Featured image About Us Our Goals for the Future - About Us

In the coming months, we hope to reach more than a million readers, capable of spreading this information, making our growth exponential. For this reason, we try to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends to provide you with the best tools and information.